A small intelligent dog, gay with a lively and alert expression; overall robust with good bone- short and well proportioned body - head carried high – pronounced tuck-up. The movement is proud and determined, accentuated by the floating mane from the lion clip; the unclipped areas should be completely natural and on no account should they be shaped. The lion clip is obligatory for showing.

The Lowchen is a small, very lively, active and alert dog. It is therefore very important in the show ring that the dog is happy and the tail is wagging. It is fine and positive if they jump up happily every now and then. The expression has to be appealing and alert. They look around and want to know what is going on. Lowchens must have a strong, sturdy body. It is therefore so important that the ribcage is also very well developed. Dogs cannot be robust if they do not have a well-developed strong ribcage. Note the photo above of the original type. The head should be carried high as they are alert and curious dogs. They want to know what is going on.

Movement is very important. The breed was saved throughout it’s history because it can really move. So, movement must be really easy, flowing, proud and determined. There must be good reach and drive so the dog carries itself proudly.

A shy or passive Lowchen is most untypical. Also nowadays, there are a lot of dogs that do not have the required strength of body especially in the ribcage, which has become all too elegant and narrow. If the dog does not have a proper ribcage and front it cannot carry itself correctly or proudly. This is currently a very common fault.

The body should be square. The length of the body (point of shoulder to point of buttock) is equal to the height at the withers. The length of the muzzle represents approximately 2/3 of the skull.

The Lowchen has classical proportions. The height measured from the ground to withers is equal to point of buttock. So the overall picture is slightly out of square as there is, of course the additional chest area in front. The muzzle must be short and always shorter than the skull ideal being 2/3 of the skull.

Very affectionate and obedient with its masters, attentive and receptive, at ease in all circumstances; capable of being calm and discreet on command. His forthright and tender look tries to understand what is expected of him.

A true Lowchen should always look smart and intelligent. There should be this affectionate and very loyal look in their eyes. However they are happily sure about themselves. A true Lowchen should never be nervous or hysterical in their appearance. The Lowchen is active, obedient, receptive and loyal to his master. Lowchens follow what their owners are doing. Most of all the Lowchen has a soft outlook and is always active with something going on in his mind.

If a Lowchen looks aggressive or nervous something is seriously wrong.

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